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funkshenall media

funkshenall media

Express yourself. You might as well. That’s what life’s about.

One of my heroes, Bruce Lee, believed that Martial Arts was about truthfully, honestly expressing yourself physically. Each movement should be pure, with no thought, instinctive, from your spirit.

Self Expression. I believe this is our purpose. First, know yourself. Second, express yourself honestly.

Easier said than done. It takes effort, courage, and faith.

Never fear yourself or fear expressing who you are. YOU have an identity. YOU are unique. Your character, your make-up, your personality – EXPRESS IT!

More conservative people might have called it showing off. No way, if you can do it, whatever it is, express it. Don’t hide it. Whatever your talent. IT is what you are supposed to do.

On that note, I present funkshenall media.

Everyone needs a creative outlet.

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