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Bliss. Passion. Expression.

Welcome to funkshenall aka

Follow your bliss. Know your passion. Express yourself!

I believe these are the goals of all people, desires that smoulder in the hearts of every individual. I believe that self-expression is what spurns all people to achieve great things.

Self-expression is creation. It results in new things. It is invention. It is the innate desire to make an impact on life and state with all your heart, “I am!”

It is my goal to continuously express myself and in turn help individuals and businesses express themselves.

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A Life in the Present

A Life in the Present How many people do you know that stew in hate, fear, resentment, or envy over something that happened yesterday, or maybe last week, last year, or years ago. They remember a bad situation over and over again. Letting it affect them negatively, repeatedly, all the time. They can’t let it …

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The Peace of Meditation within The Man of Tai Chi

Man of Tai Chi – Part One

Man of Tai Chi I’ve seen my share of Martial Arts movies and it’s very rare to find one that profiles modern day Tai Chi Chuan. Why? Tai Chi Chuan is not really considered a “martial art” by the masses, but more of a gentle, mindful exercise. Most people who see it practiced by the …

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The Amazing Power of Words

How often do we underestimate the power of words? Today we are bombarded by words from all directions. The internet, the media, the blogosphere – wherever and whatever it is – we are inundated. Ironically, people say that reading levels are down, that people don’t buy books like they used to, that we are regressing …

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funkshenall Taiji and Chi Development

Man of Tai Chi – Part Two

Man of Tai Chi. What exactly is a man of tai chi? I believe I am a man of tai chi. What does this statement mean? This will need an explanation because to be of a tai chi manner is… well, complicated. In the movie Man of Tai Chi by Keanu Reeves the main character …

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