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Why funkshenall?

It’s a concept. It is a personal philosophy. It’s an ironic and playful idea stemming from the way Harrison’s life was when he was younger – barely functional.

To be funkshenall is to embrace the rhythm and spirit of your life!

What is funkshenall? Let’s break it down.

Funk – Harrison loves funk. It appeals to his innate sense of rhythm. It’s groovy, rhythmic, and fun. It appeals to that inner beat of life. He believes you must find yourself by finding your funk, the rhythm of your life. How does your heart beat? It’s really all about Love.

Shen – The word “shen” is Mandarin Chinese for “spirit.” The Spirit, no matter how you want to interpret it, is eternal and pure, and is something Harrison believes in wholly. Harrison also believes there is one thing you must always do with your spirit – uplift it! All the things that are loving, all the things that bring you joy, are a part of the Spirit. Focus on those things and you uplift the Spirit.

All – ideas and principles that can be used by all. This is the direction of the lesson. But there is one more thing, most importantly, that All applies to. That is, All are One. This is the grand realization that We are all One. We the people of this great blue planet earth are one. There is no denying it. Strip away all the subjective interpretations of life: culture, physical appearance, religion, and what do you have? You have a life force that seeks peace, joy, and happiness which all extend from one mighty, powerful source – LOVE. All being One is about Love.

For years great people have been espousing great ideas, but many of them are not new. This funkshenall philosophy is one of those. Harrison will admit, it’s not new.

Harrison’s concepts are a philosophical mutt, built on the shoulders of giants, like so much else. But like funkshenall implies, we must all find our own rhythms in life, follow your heart while using your MIND, listen to your inner voice, define who you are, connect to your concept of spirit and let things flow from there.

Life is joyful when you let it be. Life’s inspiration  and happiness comes from within.

Who is Harrison Barr? A Father, Husband, Writer, Tai Chi Practitioner, Chi Enthusiast, and aspiring entertainer. Harrison Barr is funkshenall. His only purpose is to promote prosperity and peace.

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