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Man of Tai Chi – Part Two

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Taiji and Chi – a must for you and me!

Man of Tai Chi. What exactly is a man of tai chi? I believe I am a man of tai chi. What does this statement mean? This will need an explanation because to be of a tai chi manner is… well, complicated.

In the movie Man of Tai Chi by Keanu Reeves the main character Tiger Chen is considered by the villain, Donaka Mark, to be a man of tai chi. Principled, honorable, innocent, Tiger is a simple man, a corporate courier in Beijing, and just happens to be an accomplished tai chi master. Yet, there is an aching in Tiger to prove himself.

First, let me pose the question, why would a guy who secretly just wanted to lash out and fight learn about tai chi? For precisely that reason, the objective is to understand that violence and aggression ultimately serve the ego and any notion of kicking some ass is exactly the wrong way to think.

That is to say, tai chi chuan, with its links so close to Taoism, is a martial art that seeks never to fight. With extended practice, one realizes that they have won all the battles in their mind.

Yet, the ultimate truth is that fighting is futile and seeking peace through non conflict is the way.

This is type of thing I think about. I have wrapped my mind around tai chi for a long time..

Tai chi chuan is a method of training your body, mind and spirit.

The Peace of Meditation within The Man of Tai Chi

Some people don’t believe in spirit. This is another topic for debate. Though truth needs no defense. For now, we are going to assume that spirit exists.

We are also going to take the stance that the mind is real, present and must be developed in some. Tai chi is about using your mind, to lead chi through your body, while you integrate that intent with slow, deep training of the body. The method, relaxation.

All of this has the benefit, a side-effect really, of promoting health in the body. The other aspect is that the art has martial applications…when sped up.

The crazy, mind-blowing things is eventually you will experience an intensity of internal feeling or power by training this way. You strike using fa jing, which is the Chinese terminology for explosive power.

Really, tai chi chuan (aka taiji quan) is grand ultimate fist, a deeply spiritual, Taoist-inspired, fighting method. Here’s the thing, I really don’t like to fight. Sparring is fun, but the aggressive, ugly, conflict of combat is gut churning. It feels awfully bad afterwards even if you win.

I strive to practice tai chi for its artfulness. I embrace the flow. It’s a fun feeling. Seeking wu-wei, or as Bruce Lee would say, the be-like-water way. Tao is the way, as they say. You get the feel of it and apply the lessons to your life. Tai chi is just one of the many ways to get there, because the mind body spirit exercise is ultimately centering, grounding and athletic.

Ultimately, if you ponder it enough though, you realize that the power of the mind supersedes the power of the body. There are many who move beyond the power of the body, demonstrating mind’s dominance. You may also come to conclude that mind is more than the body, not centered in the body, because it can extend energy from the body.

In fact, tai chi chuan asks you to use you mind to cultivate energy through the practice of qi gong (aka chi kung) – another topic for debate that we won’t venture into here.

You may also come to realize that mind is an idea, a thought, a vibration, and like all energy consists of an energy signature wavelength. It is subject to the laws of energy conservation in our universe. This is where the laws of attraction come in.

With years of practice, you realize that every thought you have of combat, or even when you use phrases, like “kick their ass,” or “I’m going to kill him,” however full of half-truths it may be, sends a wave of energy of a negative quality into the universe. The law of attractions sends events of a like quality back to you that represent your original declaration. This is a process that never ceases because you mind never sleeps and your thoughts never stop.

I realize how crazy that sounds, but it’s true. Based on what quantum mechanics reveals to us, the quality of our attention affects the emergence or manifestation of something from the field.

Like attracts like. If you stop attracting conflict, conflict will cease to be a part of your life.

Hence, you are on a path to enlightenment. You realize the futility of conflict and combat. You realize the truth, that all is energy. You understand the fighting simply attracts more fighting. So, how do you reconcile the desire to practice your martial art without attracting violence?

This is a complex question. The answer of which I will not discuss here. However, consider this:

You realize you must train to defend. Fighting is a part of the negative human condition of negative manifestation. Believe that you are the positive manifestation. Most people with go their entire lives without physical conflict. However, consider that there is nothing wrong in defending yourself if the moment must arise. Train for the greater good.

To end this brief philosophical interlude…

Consider this thought, what if you are simply a mind that literally controls everything you are? What if all events in your life were manifested by you, that there was no one to blame, no outside causes. As within, so without. Consider too the implications of this and wonder, if real, what type of thoughts would you change for the better of yourself and the world?

To think that all this could come from the modest practice of a Taoist martial art? It is a martial art of the mind. Remember, it is said, “Yi (mind) leads chi (energy).” Consider deeply the implications of this because if it’s true then you must open your mind to the potential of it.

You believe what you want to believe. It is your belief that gives it power for you.

That is all for now.

**Please note: In an age of retaliation on expression I have no desire to debate, argue, or justify my words. There are many other sources of thought. If you don’t like my ideas that’s OK. I am not asking you to agree. I am only asking you to keep an open mind about everything. When the universe is infinite you are doing yourself a disservice by limiting your beliefs or applying the word “impossible” to anything.

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